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2 BELGIANs ▪ 3 HORSES ▪ 6 moNTHs ▪ 1500 km NomadIC

To watch the movie of our 6 months of adventure, it's here!

Movie trailer

The film - In the footsteps of the gauchos


After finishing their studies, Danaé and Harold decided to embark themselves on an adventure of several months on horseback in the northwest of Argentina. While these two young Belgians are not riders and don't know anything about this field, they still decide to take up the challenge and to use this means of transport to discover the Argentian pampas. In February 2019, after a year of preparation, they arrived in gaucho land in the region of Salta.

After spending a month selecting and training the three horses that will join them, the great adventure can finally begin! They intend to travel 1500 km with their faithful companions Gallego, Foforito and Pilpinto and with the aim to meet the Gauchos and their rich culture.

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