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"A 1500 km trip on horseback from February to July 2019 in the Northwest of Argentina"


Arriving at the end of our studies, we wanted to embark ourselves on a unique adventure project before starting our professional lives! The idea of ​​a trip on horseback strikes us in February 2018 however we are not riders and we have no knowledge in this field... After a year of intense preparation, we arrive in Salta in the Northwest of Argentina to look for 3 fellow travelers and travel 1500 km across the Argentinian steppes.


The objective of our adventure went far beyond the distance to be covered. We wanted to meet the gauchos and their culture in order to highlight them in a movie as soon as we returned. We also wanted to surpass ourselves and succeed in taking care of our 3 horses throughout the hole trip. We embarked on the pursuit of this dream with a tent and a few bags of rice on the back of our pack horse in March 2019. Let's the adventure begin !

We started the trip by crossing the mountains on our own until we reached the village of Cafayate. Then, we joined the legendary ruta 40 to Cachi to cross the Parque National Los Cardones in order to head towards the city of Salta. Our route continued further north in the region of Jujuy before branching south to reach our starting point by the east of Salta this time, taking small dirt roads through the Argentinian pampa.


We have been back in Belgium since August and we have worked hard on the movie of our adventures and the traditions we discovered in this magnificent country. We hope to present it at various adventure festivals in Europe!

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