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“Travelling on horseback like nomads for 1500 km 

from February to July 2019 in North Argentina”

Approaching the end of our studies, we really wanted to go on a unique adventure and to start a new project before entering our professional lives. After an important preparation of 1 year, we will arrive in the region of Salta, North Argentina, on February 2019. At first, we will start by doing some woofing (being fed and housed in exchange for our help in daily tasks). We will take this time to look for adequate horses that will be part of the adventure with us for the rest of the journey.


Once the final team will be reunited, we will leave for our nomad trip for 5 months in order to reach the region of Jujuy and then take the path towards Tucuman through Cachi.


During this journey, we plan to travel with the bare minimum and to sleep partially in a tent and at local farms, called estancias, that will cross our path. This will allow us to meet a lot of local people isolated from bitten tracks.


The discovery of a new culture, the respect of nature and the environment are values that mean a lot to us. We plan to respect these values as much as possible during our trip.

We decided to call our project “Nomados” because it fits perfectly with the nomadic philosophy of our project. Moreover, we plan to undertake this adventure the two of us (“dos” in Spanish).

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